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Tonia Nwosu: Actress says sex dolls are good for men

According to Tonia Nwosu, no producer has ever demanded sex in exchange for a movie role. You may have your reservations about sex dolls but Tonia Nwosu is convinced that they are good for men.The actress revealed this during a recent interview with The Sun, adding that she has never been sexually harassed by film producers in the industry.ALSO READ: How back-to-back disappointments saved Media Personality’s lifeAccording to the Anambra State-born actor, no producer has ever demanded sex for sex in exchange for a role.She said, “Producers can’t ask me for sex or give me some conditions just to be in their movies.“No! Never! I didn’t experience such while I was starting, even till now, I have still not experienced it.“This is because I am not desperate and I am good at my craft.” She added, “I want to take my career to another level. In fact, I’m planning to shoot more movies of my own. I will start soon. Once I finish one-third of the jobs I have now, I’ll kick off my own productions.’’On the issue of sex dolls, Nwosu says they are better for men to avoid rape.“I don’t have problems with sex dolls as long they are not raping people. It’s a personal sex life.“When ladies buy and use vibrators do men complain? If it’s going to stop rape cases in the world, then I’m good with it.” ALSO READ: Actor admits to security guard job in U.S.ATonia Nwosu is known for movies such “Behind the Curtains” (2015), “Treasures of Fortune” (2007) and “Take Me Home” (2007).

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