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Tech: Tsunami warning for Alaska and entire US west coast after 8.2-magnitude earthquake at sea

The U.S. Tsunami Warning System put millions on alert.
A powerful quake hit off the coast of Alaska in the early hours of Tuesday.
People in coastal Alaska were warned to flee inland or to high ground.
The entire west coast was put on “tsunami watch”, a lesser state of readiness, as well.
The entire western coast of the United States, as well as Alaska and parts of Canada, were placed on tsunami watch after a massive earthquake hit off the Alaskan coast.
The US Tsunami Warning System alerted people shortly before 1 a.m. local time after the 8.2-magnitude quake struck.
According to the US Geological Survey, the tremor hit 157 miles southeast of Chiniak, Alaska, at a depth of 10 km at 0931 GMT on Tuesday (0.31 a.m. in Alaska).
Authorities varied on the exact magnitude of the quake, with readings between 7.9 and 8.2.
Alaska and parts of Canada were given tsunami warnings, the highest level of alert. The western US coast was put on the lesser level of “tsunami watch,” according to the Reuters news agency.
People on social media posted screenshots of emergency warnings sent to their phones, telling them to “go to high ground or move inland”
A public warning from the Office of Emergency Management in Anchorage, Alaska’s biggest city, said:
“If you are located in this coastal area, move inland to higher ground. Tsunami warnings mean that a tsunami with significant inundation is possible or is already occurring. Tsunamis are a series of waves dangerous many hours after initial arrival time. The first wave may not be the largest.”
It warned that the first waves could start hitting from 1.45 a.m., in the town of Kodiak.
A map from the tsunami warning system, posted on Twitter, showed the travel times for any potential waves. According to their estimates, any tsunami would take at least three hours to strike the lower 49 states.
More to follow.

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