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Superman: Man lifts heavy generator with teeth (Video)

The unidentified man received praises from people around him who cheered him for his unique strength. A young man has been captured in a video as he lifted a heavy power generator with his teeth.This inspired loud cheers from his friends who were heard singing praises in the background as he displayed his unique strength. He was able to achieve the remarkable feat by biting down on a towel.  To prove that his ability was not a fluke, the unidentified subject took brief steps while carrying the generator which firmly aligned with his chest. A 5-yr-old boy with magnetic powers will shock youIn 2017, Erman Delic, a five-year-old boy who allegedly possesses magnetic powers was discovered in the village of Malešići, located in Bosnia and Herzegovina.Delic became an internet star when a video footage of him with metal objects on his body circulated the online space. ALSO READ: Readers say only a powerful Pastor can deliver DamiA man believed to be a relative of the little Magneto was seen putting cutleries and coins on him, and they stuck like they would when placed on a magnet.Doctors have however diagnosed that there is nothing wrong him.He reportedly found his super powers while watching a television programme, Daily Mail News reports.A nine-year-old boy, Mehmet Sumbul, from Turkey also shares this kind of ability.His own power is often influenced by anger according to a comment he made.”People think I’m a freak. When I’m angry, my magnetic field becomes stronger,” according to 24 Sata.ALSO READ: Plus size super model shares powerful breastfeeding photoThis type of potential brings to mind a Marvel Comics mutant character named Magneto. He can move metallic objects using his mind.

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