By Nwafor Sunady
Media practitioner, Sadiq Daba, yesterday said that his prostate cancer did not find spread in any of his organs as wrongly diagnosed by Nigerian doctors.
Sadiq, who had a chat on facebook with Azuka Jebose, said that all the test he had in US by their specialists turned negative, with regards to the spread.
Sadiq-DabaHe thanked Nigerians and other well wishers for their prayers, noting that his cancer, the removal or treatment of which, initially, Nigerian doctors said was only possible through surgery, was countered by US specialists, who said that it could be treated with drugs and injections.
His words, “Done with the Doctors this week. All the test results for my prostate cancer did not find spread. I was told in Nigeria that it had spread to other organs of my body. But all tests here by specialists came back negative, with regards to the spread.
“I am profoundly grateful to Nigerians for giving me hope to live again. Nigerians saved my life: my family and I remain eternally grateful.

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