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Tech: Lyft exec says there’s going to be a ‘gut-wrenching decade’ in autonomous vehicles before there’s a clear winner

Raj Kapoor, chief strategy officer at Lyft, thinks the ride-share company even has a chance of knocking Google Maps from its throne.
Lyft executive Raj Kapoor thinks autonomous driving companies are “going to go through a gut-wrenching decade” before there are clear standards or winners.
He even thinks Lyft has the chance to dethrone Google Maps as the leader in routing technology, thanks to the data it gathers from its 800,000 rideshare drivers.
Kapoor said the current lack of standardization is encouraging partnerships. Companies like Lyft and Alphabet’s Waymo team together so they can experiment more than they might be able to on their own.
SAUSALITO, California — It may seem like Uber and Alphabet’s Waymo have taken the lead in autonomous vehicles. But Lyft’s chief strategy officer Raj Kapoor thinks the battle is far from over.

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