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Tech: 10 mind-expanding TED Talks to watch if you only have 10 minutes

Even if you’re short on time, TED Talks can offer a bite-size opportunity to expand your horizons — and maybe impress a friend or two. Big ideas can come in small packages.
Take TED talks, the beloved lectures on technology, entertainment, and design. Some of the most insightful talks take up less than 10 minutes of the viewer’s time.
They’re perfect for when you want to expand your horizons and still get to that thing you’ve been meaning to do.
Here are some talks to turn to if you want to get smarter in a hurry.
“How to speak so that people want to listen” by Julian Treasure
Business consultant Julian Treasure remarks on the downsides of gossip, negativity, and excuses, and highlights the values of speaking honestly and nonjudgmentally. Treasure also outlines six tools to consider when speaking, including pitch, volume, and timbre. The talk reminds people that anyone can marshal the power of words, so long as they do it intentionally.

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